It should be possible for anyone to create, design and maintain their own website, without coding or relying on a professional web designer.

Why I fired myself...

What small-business clients really need, is not another “professional web designer / webmaster” to call whenever they want their front page layout changed. They need a better solution. One that allows them control and ease-of-use...Clients needed the same little things done on a regular basis. And while none of them were especially technically minded; I could feel on a deep gut-level, that IF it had been possible for them to make these website changes themselves: they would really really REALLY want to do so! And not just to save money on recurring “webmaster expenses” (my services have never been cheap) but much more importantly: because it would empower them!

Oliver Nielsen

Web Designer, webmatros




Content is more important than design. Design is just decoration without content.


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