Let’s start with scale

The WordPress Image Editor

The WordPress tool allows you to perform some simple manipulation with your uploaded images—rotate and flip your images as well as scale them and crop them to different sizes.

Aspect Ratio Again

As mentioned, most of the images that come from phones and digital cameras are at the 4:3 aspect ratio—as you can see from this graphic.

So why is this important? It is important because it makes i much easier for you to scale and crop your images if they are the same aspect ratio as your target image.

iPhone Sizes: All show 4:3 aspect ratio

Why image size matters… 

If you set your digital camera to give you large images, you get large images. But if you use these images directly off of your phone can cause many problems if they are not resized.

  • Phones give you images at 72ppi, regardless of what size image you set on your phone (small, medium or large.) ​
  • As I mentioned If you wanted to you could really just use one size of image 1040 pixels by 780 pixels.
  • I calculated this by taking the width of a Thrive page which is 1040 pixels and using the 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • So the image we will resize is typical of what would come of a phone on a setting to take large pictures.
  • The tutorial image is 3264 pixels by 2448 pixels at 72ppi.
  • In inches that is 45.3 inches by 34 inches.
  • And importantly and not surprisingly, these dimensions translate to an aspect ratio of 4:3.
  • This size is way too large for what is needed in WordPress, and these very large images in the Media Library are detrimental for many reasons including slowing your site down to a crawl and also going over maximum limits for your web hosting account. 
  • I chose the 1040 x 780 size because if you do the math you will find that 3264 pixels by 2448 pixels scales down exactly to 1040 x 780 with no need for cropping.
  • You do not SEE the problem on pages because all of themes size the images automatically to fit whatever space they are placed in.
The Proof: Images taken directly from your digital device are very large—