Scaling Images in WordPress

Cropping an ImageUsing WordPress you can crop images in multiple ways. The simplest way is exactly how you do it on any other image editing tool: Drag the selection box to choose how you’d like the image to be cropped.The other way involves one extra step but ensures that the aspect ratio of the image stays intact. Enter the values for your preferred aspect ratio, press the shift key and adjust the selection box.The third way to crop an image using WordPress’ inbuilt tool is by manually entering the dimensions of the selection box. The dimensions must be entered in pixels. If your pixel estimation game is strong, you can use this last method to crop images.Does all of the above leave you a little confused? Don’t worry – WordPress has really handy tooltips to help you along the way. Whenever you’re at a loss, just hit one of the blue question marks for more information:Editing tool tipsScaling an ImageScaling images in WordPress is a lot simpler than cropping and resizing them manually. All you have to do is enter either a new width or height (the other will adjust to keep the ratio correct) and click Scale. Yes, it really is that simple.The only downside of scaling is that you can only scale down. Scaling up would ruin the pixel density. If you accidently scale your image down to a miniscule size then instead of re-uploading it, press the Undo button and have a go at it again.

Image Size Matters…

A feature most people don’t know exist in WordPress is the ability to resize an image within WordPress itself. 

  • Typically when you upload an image WordPress will take that image and create different sized versions depending on your theme.
  • So say you upload an image that is 2600px by 2200px wide, WordPress will then resize that image typically in a Large, Medium , Small and Thumbnail size.
  • As we have just seen, when you size your images using just one or two sizes it makes your WordPress life much easier. 
  • Getting your images right can be tricky when it comes to improving the performance of your WordPress website.

How to resize/scale an image in WordPress